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Scootie / Scooter

15 Years Old (09-20-2005)
Gay, Toric
Currently Single

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All of my Interests (Bold = Strong Interest)
SK8 the Infinity, Jet Set Radio, Biohazard, Bejeweled, Porkchop n' Flatscreen!/Chubby Mermaid, Object Shows, Riverdale, Megaten, Evangelion, The World Ends With You, Ace Attorney, Bust a Groove, ENA, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Any Windows XP era freeware game really, Silent Hill, All Saints Street, Yokai Watch, Devil May Cry, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, PaRappa the Rapper
Comforts (Bold = Kin, Underline = Strong Comfort)
Fret (TWEWY), Reki Kyan (SK8), Yoyo (JSR/JSRF), Rindo (TWEWY), Michael Dalton (PCFS), Ethan Winters (BIO7/BIO8), Pegoryu (P5/P5R), Promptis (FFXV), Renga (SK8), Takuto Maruki (P5R), Ninja Girl Mai (PCFS), Ayane Shiun (PCFS)

Monday, Arlo, Comfycrons, AJ, Solitaire, Jali, Ultimate, Alistar, Bear, Katy, Lucifer, Justin, Jeanne, Cici, JJ and you if you want :)

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Before You Follow!! ⚠
I tend to like and retweet a lot of things. Also if we are to be mutuals, I follow first most of the time, and interact a lot, so I kind of expect mutuals to interact with my tweets most of the time... Please live up to those expectations to keep the mutual! Also, I am very critical about my comforts and kins, so if you have any of them in your tags/squicks, don't follow!

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Do Not Interact Criteria!! ⛔
LGBTQ+-phobic, Racist, you support MAPs, Proship, Antiship (partially), Dimitrescu Sexualizers (especially cis straight or bi men, they do it the most, everyone else is okay, trust me i have a reason to be specific)
Dragon Ball Series, Dead by Daylight (dont NEED to tag unless if asked), Bungou Stray Dogs.Abandonment, Abuse of every kind, MCYTTWT